Taboo Bamboo Workshop : Provide products from bamboo, guide to make their own bamboo products.


Meet Mr Tan, a local bamboo artisan and a owner of Taboo Workshop will welcome you and share: How people use bamboo in Vietnam.Bamboo facilities and things are made out. Story of his family with 2 generations have deep passion for bamboo.


The products are made by Mr. Tan, the owner of Workshop. Examples of products are: pens, vases, bird cages, iPhones telephone bindings, sailboats, children bikes, baby toys, animals, etc.


Homestay Taboo : The house was built in 2014, inspired by the old house of the Vietnamese but still modern, The house is made from coconut water and bamboo, close to nature, green garden cool,Suitable for 1 person and 2 persons, long term lease.


Sharing our updating products and activities of guests at Taboo Bamboo Workshop

Born and raised in a family with three generations that have a deep passion for bamboo. That make a living by building houses from this kind of tree for years.
We would like to continue to maintain the traditional handicraft of our family. Strengthen the importance and the value of bamboo even in modern times so that the old technologies will not be forgotten.
At Taboo Bamboo Workshop you will be surprised and excited to see all the different household facilities. Things that we have created out of bamboo and that we use in our house. You have the chance to get instructions to make different items from bamboo on your own. Take them home with you as a souvenir and enjoy this long lasting experience.

We also offer packages for you to produce your own bamboo bike!
All levels of skills are welcome to participate (inexperienced and professionals).



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